1.  Pull the top flap (integrated funnel) forward

2.  Completely fold the two side flaps back

3.  Insert the Bag Boss® into the bag

3a. For plastic bags, secure the top edge of the bag in the rear Keeper Slots and loop the drawstring around the front Drawstring Keeper from the inside

4.  Push back the integrated funnel

5.  Fill the bag, then remove the Bag Boss®

Fast and easy setup!

The Bag Boss® is simple to use and is made to last season after season. The Bag Boss® also stores flat so it doesn’t take up any space. Easily fill any standard 30-gallon paper bag or 30-gallon+ plastic bag.

Take Control of your Lawn & Leaf Bags!

Uses Paper OR Plastic Bags| Keeps Bags Open for Easier Filling | Includes an Integrated Debris Funnel | Prevents Bag Collapse | Uses Fewer Bags | Prevents Bag Tears & Punctures | Stores Flat for Repeated Use | Recyclable