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I spend a lot of time picking weeds and bagging clippings from our lawn.  It’s really annoying when it spills all over out of the bag and I have to pick it up again…once is enough!! When we started using the Bag Boss I finally had a way to fill my bags fast and no longer spilled it all over. The funnel really helps make sure all the grass clippings get in the bag. My husband says it makes it so much easier to do by himself. It’s the extra hand we needed.

Cindy C

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I’ve tried both the Leaf and Lawn Chute and the Bag Boss… a STRONG recommendation to get the Bag Boss!  My city yard has many mature trees and produces about 80 to 100 bags of leaves each year, so needless to say, I put it through its paces!  The competitor, the Leaf & Lawn Chute, fell apart after about only 40 bags.  What a waste of time & money!!  Also, the L&LC “chute” was too small, catching on the rake constantly and the chute creates a bottleneck which causes the leaves to slide right back out when trying to rake them in.  FRUSTRATING!!  This year I tried the Bag Boss.   OMG!  Night and Day difference!  Awesome design.  It just works! Durable?  Yes!  I expect to get at least 4 or 5 seasons before replacement.  Think about that…  I would need to buy 12 Leaf & Lawn Chutes for $120 or just 1 Bag Boss that actually works, for only $20!
Stop reading and just get it!

Chad M.

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It is almost impossible to dump lawn debris from my lawnmower bag into the lawn bags being sold, just too small and I end up dumping debris all over when I try. After buying my Bag Boss things have gotten a whole lot easier. The Bag Boss is heavy-duty, and it just slips right into the lawn bag. The bag remains standing even when empty and the panel on top channels the debris right in. When the bag is full the Bag Boss just slips right back out without dragging debris out with it. When I’m done, I just flatten it back out and place it against the garage wall with other sheets of plywood and paneling so it takes no storage space in my small garage. I’ve bought one for each of my adult children because I know how much easier it’s made my lawn work.

William O.

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As a contractor, I’ve used the Bag Boss on many job sites. It is versatile, easy to use, and replaces the need to have a bulky trashcan on site.  The Bag Boss can be used as a bed liner in my truck so it doesn’t get damaged from heavy or sharp objects.  I can also use it to slide a refrigerator on for example so it doesn’t damage the floor. The Bag Boss is sturdy yet flexible and easy to transport from job to job because it stores flat. The Bag Boss also fits perfectly into 42-gallon contractor bags. I highly recommend using the Bag Boss on your remodeling projects.

B.J. W.

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The Bag Boss makes my yard clean-up so much easier by eliminating the frustration of dealing with the bags. The Bag Boss gets the bag fully opened and ready to use with ease. And having the bag held fully open and standing up by itself made it so much easier to load with the leaves and ornamental grasses I was cleaning up. Fully endorsed by Bow and Rocky as well!!

two dogs posing with the bag boss

Dan O.

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The Bag Boss works great!  I’ve used it for my recycling program to separate out aluminum cans and I love it.  It takes up less space than a garbage can and allows me to fill the bag fuller than a traditional garbage can.  I’ve also used it for grass clippings and it does an awesome job of holding the bag up and open while dumping in grass. It was very easy to use and quite sturdy!!  Thanks for a great product!

Corey M.

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