Bag Boss being used to clean up leaves

Bag Boss® Lawn & Leaf Bag Holder

Be the Boss of your lawn and leaf bags. Get the Bag Boss® lawn and leaf bag holder! Holds and expands paper OR plastic lawn and leaf bags.

The Bag Boss® is a bag insert that holds bags open either in an upright position for easy vertical filling or laid down so debris can be handily swept inside. It also has a built-in debris funnel to prevent spills, and when laid down it acts like a ramp so debris can simply be swept inside. Stores flat.

The Bag Boss® is made of one solid piece of extremely durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for years of use! All edges are chamfered for comfort.  Weight: 4 lbs


Hello!  My name is Chris Stuckel, the inventor of the Bag Boss and the owner of FieldTorq Products.  I invent products that make life easier and more enjoyable!  The Bag Boss idea came to me after struggling, and I mean struggling, with loading leaves into paper bags one otherwise nice Fall day.


  • Holds bags open and upright in up to a 15 mph wind!
  • Works with paper OR plastic lawn & leaf bags (30 gal. or larger capacity)
  • Heavy-duty High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) for season after season use
  • Stores flat
  • Veteran Owned
Bag boss video still

If You Use Bags, You NEED The Bag Boss®!

Use the Bag Boss® for…

Lawn & garden clean-up

Recycling programs

Waste collection


Construction, etc.