Check out our image gallery to see how the Bag Boss® can work for you! Frustration-free bag filling with either paper or plastic bags!

Take control of your Lawn & Leaf Bags!

With the bag boss, you can fill paper or plastic bags horizontally or vertically! Any way you work, the Bag Boss® takes control of paper or plastic bags for easy filling.  The Bag Boss is also highly durable and made to last- it even stores flat so it is ready whenever you are! What are you waiting for? Get your Bag Boss Today!

The Bag Boss® works with both paper or plastic bags.

Keeps bags open and ready to fill with the integrated debris funnel.  Holds bags open vertically to drop in debris or horizontally for raking/sweeping in debris.  The Bag Boss® even stores flat so it takes up no space when not in use.

Uses Paper OR Plastic Bags| Keeps Bags Open for Easier Filling | Includes an Integrated Debris Funnel | Prevents Bag Collapse | Uses Fewer Bags | Prevents Bag Tears & Punctures | Stores Flat for Repeated Use | Recyclable